Head Guide, Josh started surfing in North Devon at 6 years old and has spent most of his life since in the water. Josh has been a Devon county swimming champion, multiple British surf life saving medallist and spends his winters chasing some of the best waves to surf across the globe. His summertime hobbies include distance prone board paddling, open water swimming, spear fishing and pool swimming with local triathlon legend and British Elite Series competitor Jack Hutchens. Alongside taking you guys on Coastal Adventures Josh also lifeguards on Croyde Beach (one of the busiest beaches in the UK) and teaches surfing for local surf schools. (when he has time!) Josh has been working in the industry since the age of 16 and loves his job very much. He spends so much time in the water his mates have actually nicknamed him the Dolphin! 🐬




Local windsurfer and ex regional swimmer, Zac is a super friendly fellow with a passion for being in the water. Working for many seasons as a coasteering guide and surf instructor he loves being in the ocean and showing you guys the secrets of North Devon. His speciality is in the washing machines and white water gully swims, where he excels in timing the best surges for you guys to jump in! Zac now studies Marine Photography at Falmouth University and is an excellent water photographer on hand to capture the amazing moments when you guys jump in! Zac and Josh are brothers and after guiding coasteering together since 2017, have had plenty of time working as a team to ensure your sessions are as exciting as possible. Some of Zac's photos from his portfolio are displayed here also!

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Nick, a talented photographer and waterman in his own right has grown up on the North Devon coast with Josh. After going to school together they have worked with each other in the industry from 16 years old. Nick is due to graduate as a paramedic in June 2021 and on his time off he still loves taking you guys on amazing Coastal Adventures. From 16 he has been a lifeguard, surf instructor and coasteering guide and loves surfing in his free time. Nick is also an ex regional swimmer and was in the GB team for water polo, all in all he is a bit of a water addict! His other hobbies include downhill skateboarding races and parkour/gymnastics so you will catch him sending some epic flips off the rocks during our sessions. Jump in and Join us today so Nick can show you the in's and out's of the awesome North Devon coastline. 

Coasteering Croyde